Building your Business 

Creator of the Progression 7 System

I'm Erik Bergh, a business growth strategist, with focus on small to medium sized businesses. 

You know there are many people who run companies that barely make it. They are struggling and busy working in their business just to pay their bills.

The business are declining and maybe dying and they don’t even have an Exit strategy.

What I do is to help people turn around these companies, and create systems so their businesses can become more of an enterprise, which can be run by employees, or can be sold to investors.

Right now I have clients who like to retire and want to sell their companies.

That’s a fantastic starting point and a great opportunity for others who want to own a business.

If you would like some help, Contact me now!

Erik Bergh
Bryggen 9,
5003 Bergen,


+47 55 33 66 20